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Pop Keeney Stadium: A Historic Landmark in Bothell, WA


Pop Keeney Stadium is a historic and cherished landmark in Bothell, Washington. This iconic stadium has played a significant role in the community, hosting various sports events, concerts, and gatherings that have brought residents together for decades. Learn more here.


Named after Mark "Pop" Keeney, a beloved coach and teacher, the stadium carries a rich history and a deep connection to Bothell's past. It was initially constructed in the 1940s and has since evolved into a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venue that honors its legacy while embracing modern amenities. Pop Keeney Stadium is the proud home of various sports teams, including local high school football and soccer clubs. The stadium's well-maintained turf and seating capacity make it ideal for hosting thrilling matches and creating an electric atmosphere that unites athletes and fans. Learn more about Stipek Park: A Tranquil Haven in Bothell, WA.

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Beyond sports, Pop Keeney Stadium is a versatile space for community gatherings and events. Concerts, festivals, and charitable activities have graced the stadium, contributing to the vibrancy of Bothell's social fabric. The stadium's open-air setting and welcoming ambiance make it a favorite choice for events that unite residents. Over the years, Pop Keeney Stadium has undergone upgrades and modernization efforts to ensure it meets the needs of a growing community. Renovations have enhanced the stadium's amenities, seating, and accessibility, allowing it to continue serving as a premier venue for various events.


Pop Keeney Stadium's enduring presence and continued relevance demonstrate its significance as a cultural and recreational hub in Bothell. It preserves tradition while embracing progress, and its ability to unite people from all walks of life underscores its role as a unifying force within the community.


Pop Keeney Stadium is a testament to Bothell's sports culture, community spirit, and the enduring power of shared experiences. Its rich history, modern facilities, and role as a gathering place make it an invaluable asset that continues to shape the identity and vitality of Bothell, WA.

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